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The Gluten Free Bar

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Three Farmers

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Drew's Organics

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Miracle Noodle


Mia's Kitchen


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Vintage Italia

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Neal Brothers Foods

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Steaz Tea

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Way Better Snacks

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Chickapea Pasta

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C2O Water


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BrandSeed Marketing currently supports 14 brands; mia's kitchen, The Gluten Free Bar, Wild Garden Mediterranean Foods, Sheese, Steaz Tea, Drew's Organics, Neal Brothers Foods, Mayacamas, Way Better Snacks, Chickapea Pasta, C20 Pure Coconut Water, Vintage Italia, Three Farmers, and Miracle Noodle.

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#HeyCambridge be sure to checkout the new @goodnessmetweet store & #DiscoverThePowerOfFood Congrats on the new store & thank you for your support of @BrandSeedMktg & our brands the past 4yrs #ComeGrowWithUs🌱

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Know someone who loves chocolate? Be sure to checkout @WholeFoods #Vancouver πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ for @SeelyMint #NonGMO #MintPattie #CandyCanes @BrandSeedMktg #ComeGrowWithUs🌱

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#HereWeGrowAgain🌱 we’re very excited to announce that @SeelyMint is joining the @BrandSeedMktg family of brands. #SeelyMint is a 4th generation #NonGMO mint farm producing their handcrafted #SeelyMint peppermint patty & European #DarkChocolate #ComeGrowWithUs🌱

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