Tonica Kombucha

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The Gluten Free Bar

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Three Farmers

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Drew's Organics

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Miracle Noodle


Mia's Kitchen


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Steaz Tea

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Neal Brothers Foods

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Que Pasa

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Chickapea Pasta

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C2O Water


Seely Mint

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A Good Portion

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Nature's Path

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Our Brands

BrandSeed Marketing currently supports 16 brands; mia's kitchen, The Gluten Free Bar, Sheese, Steaz Tea, Drew's Organics, Neal Brothers Foods, Mayacamas, Chickapea Pasta, C20 Pure Coconut Water, Three Farmers, Miracle Noodle, Seely Mint, A Good Portion, Nature's Path, Que Pasa, and Tonica Kombucha.

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Thanks to @Mias_Kitchen fan Ria for sharing last night #gnocchidinner with #mias #new #vodkasauce make sure to also keep an eye out for #garlicOnion and two new #pizzasauces 🍕#margherita #basilgarlic #nongmo #freshingredients #brandseedmarketing #comegrowwithus🌱

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Happy #MothersDayWeekend 💕 to all the moms across #Canada and the #US from @BrandSeedMktg #comegrowwithus🌱

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